Clayman & Rosenberg LLP provides guidance and counseling to individuals and business entities in all phases of federal and state criminal investigations and prosecutions, from pre-indictment advocacy through trial and appeal.

We always seek to achieve the best possible results for our clients, while minimizing the risks to which they are exposed.  Whenever possible we endeavor to keep our clients from being prosecuted by presenting forceful and creative arguments based on a thorough mastery of the relevant facts and law.  The persuasiveness of the positions we take is enhanced by the respect we have already earned from our adversaries over the course of hundreds of cases and decades of collective experience.  If charges are filed against our clients, we consider every possible approach to advocate a dynamic and persuasive defense. And, if trial is necessary, we bring to bear our considerable trial experience to challenge the prosecution’s case and present a vigorous defense.  Whether or not a case goes to trial, we understand that full attention and effort is required every step of the way, and that pre-trial preparation and strategy are as important to a successful defense as are masterful courtroom performances.

The expertise and experience of every Clayman & Rosenberg LLP partner is available to each of the firm’s clients.  We regularly consult with each other to test ideas and obtain fresh insights.  The attorneys of Clayman and Rosenberg LLP are committed to providing our clients with the most effective and dynamic representation possible.

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